Monday, October 22, 2012


I know you have had to heard of  SQUARE by now. Well if you do craft shows and sell your wares then it's super easy now to accept CREDIT CARDS at a sweet LOW price....and best of all NO bulky machine---just hook it up to your IPHONE and wham - sale=money in your bank account. No, this is NOT a paid write up but I need to share this awesome gadget...SQUARE and its free to join and free to get your own little square swiper

anyway why am I sharing this??? When you your reader they send you a small sticker that shows your clients what kind of credit cards you take. But it was was to small for me so I thought I would try something like this...

cool I know but not a realistic goal - since my show is the 27th of October.
Then I thought of doing it in felt but again too much time involved and I am not precise enough to cut out each letter perfectly. So then I had a LIGHT BULB moment

why not stick to the medium I am most comfortable with and work best using:

and here is my take on the above credit card display...

{winking & dancing}
I am so happy with the way this came out. Like I have been showing it off to everyone that comes over, happy, like I can't wait to display it at my show HAPPY!
All I used is paper, and stickers and a couple of punches...
Not to shabby right? and how incredibly useful. Nice and large so all my customers are able to see it.

I am linking this up to the following parties:

heres wishing you a crafty week


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your craft show my friend!! HUGS :)

Theresa said...

I just got my square not too long ago & this is a perfect idea!! Love it.
Hey Tina, come link up anytime!! Love your Halloween bag & crafting. Visiting from
& good luck on the craft show!!