Monday, October 29, 2012

Mixed media DOLL

I have LOTS of hobbies. Afterall, its healthy right? To stay busy doing things you love? right? yeah that sounds good. At least that's what I tell my sweet hubbster everytime I bring something new home. So I like to visit lots of thrift stores & flea markets and buy little bits of "stuff" things  I know I will use someday. Well here - today I have something I used all those bits on and what transpired is the most amazing, completely magical not spooky at all, and quite the treasure {or so I think}

I had a few doll heads just itching to placed onto something and then I found this amazing oil can and oil spout and well they were made for each other. {right?}
then I added some extra bits like the wheels to the sides of the can to act as arms if you will

the pocket in the front is a metal piece I added and the knob on the front is another separate piece and that 50 is a nail head that pierces through the knob...and for stability I added a vintage camera wheel. I absolutely loved the way this came out and I gotta tell you that this was a TRUE LABOR of LOVE. Meaning I started this last year and just finished it up this year before last weekends show. So
yeah mixed media or not - it's still a bit tough to "PUT IT TOGETHER"
I am pleased to report that this little tin girl SOLD at my show, to a wonderful lady (friend) that I see yearly and she buys  collects my sweet creations.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...
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Basement Stamper said...

Wow, that is cool, love the oil can bottom and all the bits & pieces you found are perfect on it!

Maria Matter said...

very cool Tina!!!
I love keeping busy too with lots of hobbies!
We just attend our very first ever craft show as a vendor (as our family business, not my crafts) and it didn't go so well. Hubby said he wasn't willing to do that again, but I think it takes time to get in the groove. lol I think I can get him back to one in the spring, we'll see!
I wish you continued success at your shows!!!
hugs & blessings

Anonymous said...

Love mixed media art!!! Your doll came out amazing! Love it!