Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fuzzy goodness-craft project

Cute is always a great idea and sometimes Cute can be a fun accessory.  

Today I wanted to share this fun planner clip idea that I had originally planned to share around Valentines Day. 

By the way - all the items I used for this project are from the 99 cent store. 

I used my handy glue gun to add the eyes to the Pom poms 

Be careful because the gun gets hot and you literally are working with a small work surface but I think it’s faster then using a white glue. Tweezers would help for sure, I’m just not coordinated. 

So cute 

Then to add a little something extra (if you were using them for Valentines a Day) you could add some fun words with your type writer - which is reminiscent of WARM FUZZIES - tots 1970’s craft 

What an inexpensive craft project and how cute are they in your planner - great accessory right? 

Here’s to getting your craft on today. 


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