Friday, March 15, 2019

Spring Gnomes - no sew project

I love me a good gnome - I usually make them with fabric and sew up the bodies and the hat - recently I created the sweetest rainbow gnomes and all DONE the NO SEW way!

Here’s the how to 

Supplies needed and don’t forget the glue gun or tacky glue if you’re doing it with kids.

Wrap the paper machine cone with your fabric and glue the edges down. 

Do the same with the hat made of felt that should be cut in a cone shape 

Wait for it to dry - then flip it inside out 

Add a small patch of fur - before gluing add the hat and see where you should glue it down - then do so and then after that glue down the hat 

Once that dries you can add your wooden nose or a felt Pom Pom if that’s what you have on hand 

And if you feel like it you can make a whole rainbow go cute gnomes - like I did.

Or how about you do them all green for St. Patrick’s Day 

Oh the possibilities are endless 
Happy crafting friends


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