Friday, October 25, 2013

CHALKingly good

Don't know if you have fallen in love with the art of CHALK or chalk art in the manner of signs...well I sure have and while I have not mastered it - I have definitely played with a bit. I have been trying to make some fun signs for my show this Saturday using the CHALK ART I did 2 signs...

The first sign I made using an old mirror frame which is amazingly ornate and which I painted Robins egg blue...

then I looked on pinterest for some ideas using the chalk writing and of course there is a bunch to choose from.

I bought one of those bistro markers - that are chalk in a pen (easier to write with)
and took bits and parts from various signs I saw and added them to my sign 

Here is the whole sign - wanted you to get an idea of the whole thing even with that snarky glare

here is a close up of the writing. I am not a pro by any means and quite frankly its not as clean and wonderful as those on line but I can say that I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.

The Bistro chalk marker I used was a chiseled tip and quite thick and made for writing in small spaces a bit hard

Like I said I took different parts from various images I found...

some made sense and some just filled spaces. But I LIKE it A lot.
The 2nd chalk sign I made came from using a vintage doll crib.
This is one side and the other side was blank (no tiger)
so I painted it with chalkboard paint and added a cute FALL banner

and this time using an actual stick of chalk made this sign for my booth tomorrow.

I love it and well consider it my contribution to upcycling. Viva our environment.
Ok. so I hope these make a splash tomorrow at my show. Wish me luck.
Linking up to the parties in my link above.
Have a great weekend folks.

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Cowgirl Crafter said...

LOVE your chalkboard crafts!!! I found you from Frugalicious Friday :-)