Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello Fall

Good grief - a month later and life just whooshed by...It's that time of year...where I am spending all my time finishing up my hand crafted goods for the annual VILLAGE VENTURE. It is a real treat to participate in this show, it is the biggest show I have ever been a part of. This year there is expected to be 490 crafters/vendors...YIKES. Its an all day (1 day) affair and usually it is super hot - like 95' degrees hot - I am praying for cool weather and lots of new people.

I can always expect my usual clients - who I might add are the greatest peeps out there. They make me feel special when they hit my spot every year. What a compliment to know they came to me first. LOVE LOVE you guys.

I thought I would share some of the fun stuff I have been working on.

Here is proof of my CRAFTY MESS

Here are some fun shadow boxes I have made using vintage sewing habedashery

and the cutest little snowman face getting started.
I am super excited that I will have a bunch of my usual items pillows, jewelry & such but with a NEW twist on them all.
Here are some more fun shots of things I have made in the past month
I have been having lots of fun playing with paper clay and have created many cool characters this holiday season.
I will be back more regular after this show. But in the meantime I hope I will see you at this years VillageVenture in Claremont California - October 26th
Happy Crafting

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