Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project LIFE

I know everyone is familiar with PROJECT LIFE and while last year I completed my 2012 PL album - it was stressful and time consuming and I think the label of PL came with a BAR that I needed to reach every time I shared my PL layouts. So I decided  to bring the bar down so to speak!
This year I decided not to do week by week but rather a month at a time. I get my photos printed via the GROOVEBOOK - I only have to pay 2.99 a month and get 100 pictures off my iPhone printed in a perforated style book and the dates and location are printed on the top of the photo - check it out its a pretty cool thing and makes remembering the date easier. I have my books out and I label the front with the months so I can pick and choose the photos and place them in my album as I am working on a layout.
With all that said here are my JUNE layouts...
I added a few extras - lots of letter stickers of the names of places we went to...
some border stickers and some labels

I have been using the products by SNAP - which are available at Michael's and Joann's
are reasonably priced and have the cutest sayings and graphics

all the yellow cards are from SNAP...cute right!

they add a lot with out much work on my part (like that)

Added some minimal accents like stickers but other than the pictures are doing all the work

I gotta tell you that I am so much at ease with this NEW way of doing PL - it is so much less stressful and I am getting the highlights of the month done and it happens in all one night of scrapbooking - LOVE IT!!!!
I am linking this up to the parties listed in my tab above.
Happy Project Life-ing no matter how you make it work for you!

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Jody @ Shine said...

I am with you on keeping it simple. I'm toying with the idea of doing PL 2014 more like a traditional scrapbook - just hitting the big things that I would normally have scrapped back in the day.