Friday, November 1, 2013

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos

We had a wonderful Halloween - Hope you all did as well. We had some fun playing dress up last night - especially with the make up part... we had a

with lots of make-up and a funky old broom - this costume was from the thrift those kind!
we had
used some sticky waxy scar stuff for his face. Believe or not, we had the pants and sweater top and just bought the glove & hat from the party store...

My oldest daughter wanted something original but still cool so again to the thrift store we headed and my daughter was able to piece up
found the shirt and some DOC MARTENS at the T.S. she had the tank, the shorts & red bandanna
mom helped her with the hair - which I think she totally rocked!!
All in all not a bad night with some fun & cheap costumes.

One holiday down and now the "SEASON" begins...HOLIDAYS
ok anyway I also wanted to wish you a splendid weekend and share a fun DIA DE LOS MUERTOS skeleton I made - I learned it in a class this past October.

Using fimo clay to create & sculpt the head

and hand sewn body and then the pain stakenly drawn then painted in BONES

...I am in LOVE with the doll - subtle but to the point 

and the finishing touch was some fun fabric to make a collar for the skeleton.
I am in LOVE with the doll - subtle but to the point and all handmade!
I will be linking my skeleton to the parties in my tab up top.
Here's wishing your dearly departed LOVED ones a wonderful day of rest & celebration
in honor of Dia De Los Muertos
Love you Mom & Paul and miss you everyday!!!

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