Thursday, January 16, 2014

FInished Masterpiece - day 16

ever have an idea of what something will look like in your head and when you finally finish you take another look at your Masterpiece art project and well it's not quite what you had envisioned! Dang it, but at least I tried.
My intention was to embroider these hearts with the blanket stitch. So here's the problem. I can do the blanket stitch when holding the piece in my hands but when I am trying to attach it to something - can't make it work. Weird right???

The hearts were individually blanket stitched then adhered glued on (I know- that's bad) and I didn't even add the blanket stitch to the smaller hearts.

then I practiced the daisy stitch and well that didn't come out like I wanted it too. Strangest thing is I have done embroidery before but it seems to have floated out of my memory bank like the wind---POOF!!!

and finally because I tried to do a fancy stitch below the hearts and well didn't come out right so I took it out but the holes couldn't be hidden. SO I added a ribbon - not sure it works but it serves a purpose. Then I added that little bird button...It matches at least!!!
Anyway, I guess it's time to practice my embroidery stitches...
Hope you are having more luck with your projects.
I am linking this up to the parties above. Happy Crafting and Happy Friday ya'll


tamdoll said...
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tamdoll said...

I am playing catch up with your blog posts & wanted to say that I love this! I think it looks great.
Your stitches are nice & it looks fun, too. I've been working on a little embroidery project and it looks very, very rough. (If I ever photograph it, it will NOT be a closeup!)
Will you be hanging this up somewhere special I wonder?