Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the old swithceroo-day 21

Ever had a really old and funky "something" in the house that needed changing but didn't want to go out and spend a bunch of cash on something new....well I had that exact thing happen to me...our entry way command center was in need of some TLC....
See that there white board/cork board...well the white board became unwipeable!!! a while back. and all those papers were just there taking up space, right below that board was a small "KEYS" sign that had cup hooks on it for our keys - again...outdated!!!
So I bought a new cork board 17 x 21 approx. with a 50% off coupon it only cost me 4.99 (scrore)
My husband came home with a bunch of frames last week from his work dumpster and one just happened to be the perfect size to cover this cork board. Yowza - free frame and I just spray painted it white to slightly blend into our wall....

My husband attached the frame to the cork board with screws added some cup hooks for our KEYS (an absolute must) took off all the extra papers only left the most important things

added some small banners to liven the whole thing up a bit and wah-lah the eyesore is gone.
I love when something comes together- that was a necessity- comes together so cheaply.
Working with my hubby isn't too bad either -
I am linking this up to the parties above.
Hope your crafty creations are working our beautifully and on the cheap!!!

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