Friday, January 24, 2014

Coffee filter goodness - Day 24

I love coffee but I either buy it from Starbucks (no I am not a coffee snob - promise) or I make my own using instant coffee & vanilla coffee mate creamer - it's the BOMB! But for some crazy reason I have coffee filters in my house and no coffee machine!
I have seen lots of people make wreaths out of these filters or roses for party decorations so I thought I'd try something different.

I dyed some filters with a coffee mix and then laid them out to dry on  a cookie sheet they lay sort of flat but have a crinkle to them which lends to the shabby rose feel I was going for.

You just fold or smoosh up the sides of the filter and pinch the middle and then grab a few more and do the same thing.

then grab one filter and poke a hole thru the middle bottom and push that bunch into the hole.

and twist...then attach the rose to the top of the pen and wrap with some floral tape and wrap the tape all the way down the pen shaft when you are done with that I used some seam binding and wrapped the whole thing with it and tied a bow at the base of the rose -

make the pen look better and in keeping with the shabby look...

Not to shabby, right???
I made a bunch and they look awesome together and they are useful too.
Cool right?
Hope you have a crafty weekend. I'll be linking this up to the parties listed above.

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