Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LOVEly pom pom Garland

Day 14 of my make it challenge ---- I gotta tell you I have LOVE, hearts and the colors red & pink just taking over my brain right now...Tonight I made another banner garland out of yarn I had here at home. I decided to make a POM POM GARLAND

Super cute and oh so easy. No tools needed other than my fingers & a pair of scissors.

I wanted to add a little something in the middle to make it pop and made this silly tassel - not sure I am liking the look - so I'll leave it up and think on it for a bit.
I have another garland to share with you tomorrow - I know I am obsessed...or I could just say I am OCD and need the repetition of it all. Regardless, I love banners/garlands.
I am listing these tomorrow in my etsy shop...in case you don't want to make it yourself.
I am linking this up to the parties listed above.
Happy Crafting.


Holly said...


Stephanie @ Swoodson Says said...

What fun! I need to bust out some Valentine's decorations.

Ashley @3littlegreenwoods said...

I made pretty pink garlands just like this for my daughter's birthday party! I love your red and white Valentine garland!

Barb Marshall said...

This pom pom garland is so cute. Would look awesome above my daughter's doorway too. Visiting from "MadeinaDay" link up from over at www.ritewhileucan.com where I get a little giddy over all things paper.