Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baked-day 29

On my January goal list - I had put down bake bread. I had always wanted to try it. You know the kind that requires you to use yeast? I have made bread using a box mix before and a bread machine but decided this year was thee year. So I looked online and found a basic bread recipe - seemed simple. So I followed it step for step (except maybe for the times for rising etc.)
Surprisingly it worked. At least, it looked like it did.
Pretty right? 
Golden deliciousness

It was easy to cut through and was soft and yummy inside.

It almost looked like a bakery style bread loaf - worth I'd say 5.00...

I added some jam & butter and wowzers, I was impressed.

I think it will be something I will be making regularly now.
I am proud that I baked something, proud that it came out right, proud that it tasted good and that my kids loved it, proud that I crossed off the last thing on my January goals list.
I am linking this up to the parties above.

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