Thursday, January 9, 2014

Make it - day 9

Hahaha - something totally new and fun for me - I made a video. A video of how to make a paper bag album - a mini scrapbook from the very start to the fun part of embellishing the album.

I gotta admit that I sound like I am 12 years old and I forget words & make up some new words and towards the end of video I start to sniffle...but I do LOVE my hands...they look young. Don't we all wish we had younger looking hands? Heehee...I sound like I am selling lotion. Anyway, I hope you like it - but I must warn you it is long - 36 minutes long...but it's all you ever wanted to know about making paper bag albums...cause afterall I know you have been waiting for just such a video :-)

I am linking this up to the blogs posted

btw-here is the finished album...and the extra items I used:

Happy Making

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