Friday, January 3, 2014

Day3-Make It

Ok so far so good (day three-it should be going well) so this MAKE-IT session was not so much of a crafty project in the traditional sense but it was a project.

I decided to make a design decision in my living room. I recently found this really cool but UBER large message center for free at a yard sale...its would and has a large white board and to doors that close that hold cork board (nice corkboard) with some small hanger thingy's and a tray for expo markers...its really big - like I wish I could emphasize the word BIG - and heavy - like it'll crush you to bits if it falls on you heavy. I decided to place that extra large piece in back of me where my crafting space is in the living room. Yup, a major eye sore (luckily my hubs is fine with it) kind of thing...but I know it'll make me so productive.

SO I needed to find a spot for my wall of family photos currently residing on that wall..this is the wall that the photos needed to go to...currently only housing 2 pretty floral paintings...I took those down
Before you wonder how or what schematic I used - seriously I just eyeballed it...and truth be told I took out some nails maybe once or twice - shhhhh
This is a corner wall - which is right next to the fireplace.
Here is a far off view of the first set of photos
Here is the final shot of the corner where the photos now reside. My husband said he liked it a lot better in this spot - looks fuller then it did in the spot behind me.
as you can see the wall behind my workspace was quite large so for those photos - I can see how they may have been floating around in space.
Ok I hope you are taking on the

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