Friday, January 31, 2014

day 31 - January is over

Wow the first month of 2014 is over. It was a good month...let me show you.
Grab some coffee this is gonna be a long post...
At the beginning of the month I had decided instead of a list of year long resolutions I would instead make monthly goals, you know something I could check off and hopefully at the end of the month I would feel accomplished.

Well it worked
I can proudly say that I was able to cross everything off my list...

I made more then 5 scrapbooks
I made another 4 as well. Listed them all and sold one too.
*I signed up for weight watchers on January 15th - its going o.k. nothing to brag about {dang it}
*I decided to NOT sign up for 24 hour fitness because it was gonna be like 140.00 down payment and 45.00 a month and this year I am totally about saving money - So instead I signed up for the DAILY BURN - online workouts for 10.00 a month and I can watch it on my ROKU - on the big screen!!! I like it - I can do it in the privacy of my living room and not feel embarrassed - yeah!!
* I have been walking 3-5 times a week. with my friend and other times with my kids and husband.
*Baked bread just this week....oh it was delish and it is something I definitely want to do again.
As the photo of my white board shows - I have been listing on ebay and stocking my shop regularly-and I got something already to send out for publication in a magazine - I would show it off but I can't until and IF it gets picked to be in the magazine. Or I find out otherwise - so please keep those fingers crossed.
So now to make up some new goals for February. I hope it goes as well as this month.
Feeling totally accomplished!
Here's hoping your first month of 2014 was AMAZING!!!



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