Thursday, May 19, 2016

Emoji Love

We have this friend of the family who is like an uncle to my kids and every year for his birthday we try and do something fun for him. This year I decided to try and come with a theme using what I had on hand. I had cardstock boy do I have paper, I have paper punches and I have markers.

I also know how much he loves chocolate cupcakes so I immediately had the BRILLIANT idea of doing the POOP EMOJI for the topper of the then another lightbulb went off and I thought hey lets do an emoji themed party.

As you can see all it took was some large punched yellow cardstock circles, then I added the emoji faces with black sharpie and used my sewing machine to sew through the tops of the faces and created the cute little banner against the wall.

I did something similar for the MIKE banner that I attached to 2 wooden skewers and stuck them into the cupcakes - I guess I could have made those circles smaller but I just went with the bigger ones.

then for the piece de resistance' (said with a French accent) the POOP EMOJI CUPCAKES
Used a box mix and then my daughter used the biggest hole in the silver piping tips to add the poopy swirl...and #wilton has fun eye candies that I used to add to the poop then to finish it off I added a fun white grin with icing from a tube, store bought (had)

You could add emoji faces to all the yellow cups if you wanted (those were from the 99 cent store)
I think it came out wonderfully and he liked it too.

Simple, pretty inexpensive and he got to take all the decorations home to set it up when he see his family over the weekend.

P.S. the cupcakes were a hit with the kids!!!

Sometimes using what you have makes you find new ideas that normally wouldn't have been thought of otherwise.

Happy Crafting!!


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