Thursday, September 11, 2014

Burlap LOVE #1342

I can't be sure that I have created that many burlap projects but I do know how much I love the stuff and try and use it ALOT! Wednesday I got busy and finished off 4 burlap pennant banners that came out lovely, if I do say so myself. 

In the past I have painted on my burlap. It's a tedious process but allows me the customization I desire. But recently I discovered the amazing new pre-printed burlaps! Oh wow - last year they had a few choices this year the choices have doubled....oh my but so have the price$ thank goodness for the weekly 40% off coupons! 

These banners were made using all the newest printed burlaps. Look how cool-


I mean really could it get any better then this! I am linking this up to the challenges above & if you like them and want one, I will be listing them in my ETSY STORE 


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