Thursday, September 4, 2014

Journal Thursday

I craft ALOT and daily! There are a few crafting areas that I love and don't do well and would love to learn more about them - the first thing is sewing! I really wish I could make my own clothes and follow a pattern-my biggest problem is being precise. Also don't have much patience! So I need to deal with that. First step is admitting you have a problem! 

My second area is JOURNALING - I absolutely love the idea - I covet all those amazing pages I see on Pinterest - the beauty of the techniques & the journaling atop of the art AMAZING! But when I try - well not great but I keep trying every once in awhile. I decided to make myself get better at JOURNALING so I will give myself a prompt a week and journal. 

Here is my first attempt - even though I did it in July while I was on least I was trying 

Here is my page

I used some watercolor crayons. And used my finger to blend the hair and the flowers on the side. 

See not much technique here mostly journaling, which is why I am making this commitment to myself, hopefully I follow thru. Next week my prompt is ME now (journaling done on my birthday in August) 

Have a crafty day! 


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