Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

Not sure its such a great idea to shut down for the entire month but sometimes I think it's just necessary to do. It's good for the soul. ---- Soul searching outcome:

I have been busy making, hosting, selling and just being alive and doing with my kids. I can honestly say that I have been present in our lives this entire month. It's quite the accomplishment, if you ask me. I usually get all caught up with holiday happenings, I go nuts and a little buying crazy (not this year), I most always over extend myself and accept to many holiday parties, and I usually commit to too many activities with my kids over the school winter break. But not this year.

Had a city parade with my trumpet player
Dealing with this rascal

We had this announcement made to our family, that this year would not be over the top. Quite frankly they didn't deserve it and I was not afraid to tell them. So we kept it simple and less then normal under the tree and we received the response not expected, which was wow that was great - no one complained of I didn't get enough. Wow, did the warning make a difference or are my kids getting older and get that its not the quantity but rather the quality and the thought behind the idea,,,hahaha I know wishful thinking....

We had a beautiful Christmas. We had people over and didn't over do things. I think maybe because we had only people that matter to us, no one we were trying to impress. It made for a nice night.

The only damper on my winter break is that I got sick, blah!!! I never get sick you know beyond the usually headache, sniffles or allergy attack. Well, I got a small cough right before Christmas and then the day after Christmas it came back with a vengeance. Its not a wet cough, kind of a tickle in the throat cough that leads to a coughing frenzy! It sucks, a few days I was completely out of it. Over tired and lethargic and just zoned out. As I write this, the cough is less but seems to act up at night which sucks and doesn't let me sleep...but I have energy and I don't feel physically sick - Thank God for small favors. I am just waiting anxiously for it to be GONE forever.

I do have a some crafty goodies to this

Have you seen these on Pinterest?

These are the items you need: simple!

Lay the stickers down

then stipple your ceramic pens all around the letters

Use multiple colors.

then remove stickers, clean up any bleed thru and add more dots as needed.

then add something cute on the other side to finish it off. Follow the manufacturers directions for baking it ON. Cute idea, right?
I am planning on making more of these for my family.
I sure hope you had a wonderful holiday and I am sending wishes your way for a healthy and prosperous New Year! I'm linking this up to the parties above.

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