Monday, February 9, 2015

Washi tape saves the day!

I know I am not alone when I say that I am IN love with Washi Tape! I mean forget about the amazing ray of patterns and color but it's remove able and is reasonably priced so it's easily collectible! So here was my dilemma: my 2nd grader needed some valentines for his class party this Friday...

I mean how could I resist this face- so because he's a boy and they are not about bringing candy to school (anymore) I wanted to try something different. Here's where my other love for the dollar store comes in...every holiday they have coordinating pencils out in abundance. $1.00 for 12 so I bought 4 packs=$4.00 then I found these cute pencils toppers at michaels for 2.97 - 40% = cheap! Came with 30 toppers (maybe more) 

Then I looked on Pinterest (another love of mine) for some cute pencil inspired valentines ideas and came up with the slogan VALENTINE YOU ARE ALL WRITE...get it? Cute right? 

Then I headed over to picmonkey and crated my own design on their site some for boys and some for girls....and printed them out in super small fashion 3x5 size. Ok everything is looking good - here are my supplies getting started...

Then the hardest part was how to attach the pencil to the tine♥️

I tried several's my proof

I punched some funky makeshift holes but then it looked icky, then I forced the pencil in and the whole valentine was bent- yuck, then I tried folding it and taping it but most of the valentine was gone - arghhh- then it hit me the solution to my problem was the beautiful and lovely and oh so readily available on my work table WASHI TAPE...

Nod here are the finished Valentines day gifties for my little boys class! Score 1 for the super crafty mom that I am (wink wink) then my 14 year old comes out and says oh wow those are super cute good job mom....I mean really Score 2 for me - my days I starting out beautifully! 

By the way - this whole do hickey cost me less then 5.00 and with plenty to spare for my girls to keep for themselves! 

Anyway I hope your crafty Valentines day creations are coming along nicely! I am linking this project up to the parties above...

Have a beautiful week!

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