Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Curb side Change up

Sometimes I find something on the side of the road that I pick up that I think I can do "something" with. Take this curb side find I recently found which the owner told me was a "winerack display" in grocery stores. Cool right?

I started painting before I took a good "BEFORE" pic but here is what it looked like it was a plain wood piece with the shutters and not real clear but there are metal sides which could hold a shelf or something like that.

I had my husband add those picket fence post to the front to cover the base so that it could work as my bagging & money station. Gotta tell you that I love the way it turned out. Here it is in my both a 2 weeks ago.

Here is an up close photo
I also had my husband add some chicken wire to the shutters so that they could work as a place to hand things from.

Here is my booth set up at the @Gypsysroadshow this past weekend.
Aren't those wings pretty awesome - I think I may need to make more and sell them...I had a lot of people asking about them. But they are meant as BOOTH DECORATION!
I think I finally have found my true BOOTH set up.
I will be linking this up to the parties above:
Happy Crafting...

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