Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Opening up

I used to blog for years and shared alot more about my family and everyday stuff but I thought who cares really - I probably sound less then interesting to most people out there so I stopped and kept my blog more of a crafting blog - sharing things I make...Well I think this year I am expanding my blog to include crafting, DIY, family and just stuff I feel like sharing.

I hope you'll follow along - so to start I thought i would open up about some of my New Years Plans...

I am not sure if you participate in the ONE LITTLE WORD challenge that starts the beginning of every New Year? I have tried in the past to participate but never really follow through but this year is DIFFERENT....wink wink - no really this year is different.

(this is me and my little family)

I am not sure if you are like me at all but I always make goals and resolutions if you will but don't really ever follow through. I have good intentions but sometimes I think that if i mess up once then whats the point. It's self sabbotage...literally!!!

I have been on a personal mission this year. to be CONSISTENT in my LIFE which just happens to be my One Little Word for 2017

I want to be CONSISTENT in my weight loss goals which means being CONSISTENT with goig to the gym, being consistent with my food intake - I am aiming for real noticeable results.

I want to be CONSISTENT in my business which included blogging regularly, crafting daily and posting to Social Media more regularly...I want to see obvious changes to my brand - I want to be more productive and get my business to be my job and not just my hobby...

I want to be consistent in my financial goals which is mostly SAVING...I want to use what I have and stop buying just so i can have the newest stuff. I want to make and sell before I can buy anything...I want to put myself into more Craft Shows and get myself out there...I am on a mission to expand my brand. 

As you can see I have big plans and have shared a lot with ya'll here - I guess its my truth nd my way to hold myself accountable...

Wish me luck and I too wish you luck in all you set out to do this year. Let's keep each other accountable 

Happy New Year and I hope you will come back again soon 


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