Thursday, December 14, 2017

Crafty Girl ideas for Planners

Hey there - have you gotten on the PLANNER rage - it’s basically a new creative way to keep a calendar and not the wall hanging kind. 

I personally have 3 or 5 going at one time. One to jot my crap in and serve as a reminder, one to decorate and share on social media, and one that is an actual wall calendar type for the family to see and a few others for back up (wink wink) 

Be warned it is so addicting and here see so so so many cool supplies in stores and even more online. I girl could go broke buying all the variations of goodies to add to your planner!!! 

The next couple of posts I will be sharing some super cheap but super cute planner supplies that won’t break the bank and if you get super good you can make some, package them and give hem to your fellow planner friends. 

Let’s get started - I spent 2 dollars on these supplies from the dollar tree and some gifted extra large paper clips plus I used felt I had on hand and my glue gun.

It’s pretty simple really just take off the rosette from the paper hanger and remove the pop dot and add some glue 

Then add a small cut out of felt to cover up the ugly! 

 Finish off the other rosettes the same way and you can even add some smaller clips to make more of a variation and really could these be any cuter? 

 And in case your wondering how they look in a planner - they look fabulous!!! 

Wouldn’t these make a fun gift or even a hostess gift at your next craft party. Let me know if you try it out!

Happy crafting 

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