Oh Christmas Tree

Hi again, I took a much needed break from crafting after my last show of the season.
Birthdays in our house....

This year we told our girls (14 & 16) that they could choose money or gifts for their birthday. My youngest daughter chose money and wanted to go to Melrose in Hollywood to do some shopping. My oldest daughter decided she wanted presents. She also asked for something fancy as a centerpiece for her party table. 

I had been seeing some fun ideas on line and the one that caught my eye was customizing clear christmas ornaments with paint. So my next obstacle was finding a tree - small enough and cute enough to put in the center of her table.

I found a small white tree at the 99 cent store and then started to look for clear ornaments - they had plenty of the big 4 inch ornies at the dollar tree and some smaller ones at michaels and while that probably would have looked ok - I wanted something smaller and low and behold on a recent trip to Walmart I found the cutest tiny embellished ornaments - they were embossed with silver accents.

Here are the ingredients for the cutest little ornie you ever will make

The cool thing about this idea is that you can customize these ornies to any color scheme or for any celebration

First step - is to squeeze some  acrylic paint into the ornie - then swirl the ornament around to move the paint...

 then pour the extra into a small cup..let it drain upside down on a plate

and continue on with the other colors 
p.s. the paint bottles were 50 cents at Walmart also

and look how pretty when they are done...I think the silver accents really make them look vintage and more fun.

while the lighting is not to good--- here is the finished ornaments on the tree

and another up close shot of the tree...I added some super soft and squishy little characters that my daughter loves to collect.

another shot in a bit better light

oh and in case you were wondering if she liked it 

She LOVED it!

Share if you make some ornaments similar to these..

Happy Crafting


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