Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Welcome and Hello again.

I can not believe that we have begun  a New Year, 2019!! Not sure about you but I had great intentions and plans for the start of the New Year. But to be honest, I've gotten off to a very slow start. How about you? Part of the blame is that we came back from a Vegas vacation on January 2nd. Then the hubbs and the kids were off until January 6th - so of course I didn't want to do much, other then WATCH NETFLIX and Chill. (insert laugh emoji)

I have been in a funk of some sort...I am buying NEW craft supplies and have plans for said supplies - but my mind is full of other kooky issues - that really should not be weighing me down as much as I am letting them...I am anxiously awaiting a refresh. Like a 2nd shot at the New Year excitement and preparation...I think its coming - I feel it. 

Until then, I am making some changes here on the blog and am making PLANS for some fun new projects. Its all being written down and flagged to get started on immediately. 

One of the main things I want to share more on here is LIFE. Sometimes I just need to get things off my chest and perhaps what I am going through may be what someone else is going through and I can help you or you can help me and we can get through it together. 

I am giving myself permission to re-start the New Year - doesn't have to be tomorrow or the next day. But its coming and I am looking forward to it. You can to. Maybe you want a do over, or are also in a funk for what ever is going on in your life right now...it's ok. We don't always have to have our shit together. We are allowed to move slower then the rest of the world. 

Here's to doing things our way and knowing that we still have time to make this New Year exactly what we wanted it to start off like.

Hugs friends

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