Friday, January 25, 2019

Crafting on a budget

It’s Friday - I thought I’d share some low cost crafting ideas. This will serve as a crafting on a budget idea as well as some simple holiday home decor ideas. 

For this Valentine’s Day project all you need is paper and a paper punch. Notice how I used a circle punch (it was closest to me) but of course you could use a heart punch or even a star punch. If you only have small punches, those will work too. Just make more punch Outs and have the garland extend longer. Easy fix. 

Grab your supplies - I prefer double sided paper that way you dont have to worry about how your garland is laying and won’t see a white back unless of course that’s part of your color scheme. 

Punch the circles 

Again using what you have - if you only have one sided paper just glue 2 pieces together 

Sew the circles together in a long chain. 

Cute right? 

See how cute and “sew” simple. You could do this for every holiday and save for another holiday or party. Or if you used your scraps - you can toss it when your done with it. 

I love it. 

Here’s to crafting on a budget. 

have a beautiful weekend friends.!

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