Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dear Blog o' mine

Please know that my intentions are always good. Please
know that if life were calmer I would be visiting you
everyday. However, life doesn't slow down. I can't
put one of the kids on the back burner. I can't make the laundry
wash itself. I can't make the kids fetch their own meals
and well I do need to get some sort of sleep at night.
But KNOW that if all that were some how mysteriously handled
I would be here with you daily. I would sit at my computer
and visit other bloggers, leave comments and scan pinterest all day long but of course that is not the case.
But what I have been up to has been celebrating my 13 year wedding anniversary with this guy {my LOVE}
and making Halloween inspired goodies...
{burlap wrappers for your votive candle holders}

Oh yeah and my pumpkins were featured over at
check out the link on the left side....Yeah - boy that really brightens my day (my week actually).
Here's hoping my dear blog and the readers who do me the favor of visiting will come back soon and not give up on me...
have a great Friday -


Basement Stamper said...

Enjoy your time and congrats on being featured on the blog.

My Froley said...

Blogging is a tough one. I used to feel so bad if I couldn't post every day or every other day. Now, it's not that I don't care, but I understand what my priorities are, and I don't feel bad. Hey, if I lose a few followers because I don't post every day then so be it. No love lost <3
I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog :-)

tamdoll said...

Happy Anniversary!
(I haven't blogged in so long....)