Friday, November 2, 2012

Instagram Friday

Friday is a great day to share my week in pictures. Thank goodness for my IPHONE - what would life be without our trusty cell phones? Don't even want to find out. Here is what life was like this week via INSTAGRAM

went a little crazy and got my hair color re-done. I had to bleach it
to make it the lighter brown I was aiming for. Not so sure about the end result but it's growing on me. I'll take that photo next week (maybe)

Had my yearly craft show last Saturday and it was SO sweltering hot, almost melting my face off hot, hence the photo of my sweet dress forms model here :)

spent the next day at my brothers house so the cousins could play together for awhile. The 3 painted faced kids are mine...weird I know, but true.

Monday spent the morning at my sons school watching him get HONOR ROLL and yes apparently they do give that honor to KINDERGARTNERS who knew.

the hubbs tried on his CHEF BOYARDEE costume whilst helping the kids carve their pumpkins.

this was the fruits of my kids & hubbies labor that night - I added some salt, Worcestershire sauce & soy sauce and baked them up to a deliciously crisp yummy goodness. Then made the gift packaging simply festive. you like?

Halloween night we went out trick-or-treating for awhile - boy did they have fun. My feet were really achy...

then tonight we went out to have some teppan & sushi - and I tried this wonderful new beer called the LUCKY BUDDHA - it was yummy and dry...make sense?
I am so glad for these wonderful cell phones - because I couldn't capture all these moments of my everyday life without the ease of the phone camera. Imagine pulling out the big NIKON from my bag---forget it - I would lose a ton of these special shots.
I hope you get some great instagram moments this weekend.
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