Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Calendar

Here's another NOT SO original idea but I did notice that everyone has been sharing their take on the traditional advent calendar. So I thought I would share the one I put together this year for my kids.
This post contains the Tutorial to make your own as well.
Ok so let me start by saying that the base for this advent calendar is a large frame I picked up years ago from a thrift store - that has been painted a ton of times...I use it as props for photo booths at parties..
(see this post)
Last time the frame was used was for my sister-in-laws wedding in their photo booth. So here it is in black.
So you'll need some hemp cord, some stamps, staples, paper bags and clothes pins & some treats...
1st thing is to staple some cord to the back of the frame - the tighter the better
I kind of spaced the cord out to what looked right to me but I guess you could use a ruler and be more precise.

Here is the back of the frame with all three cords stapled on. Spacing looks pretty good right???

Here's a front view of the frame  (sort of)

Now the fun begins: I used tags but you could use scraps of paper I suppose - Just make it look cute-
I have some large letter & number stamps and used them to add the numbers 1- 25 on the tags.

I then grabbed some small paper bags and added the treats ( since the bags are bigger you can add things other than candy - try the dollar store)
Then I used some some clothes pins and clipped the bags with the number tags on the cords and look how incredible my 2012 ADVENT CALENDAR looks.
I added the wreath for some decoration - cool? 

Here is an up close shot of the bags - I stamped a bit more on the tags - just to kick them up a notch.
My kids were super excited to see it and now clammer to open the bags in the morning. I put in 4 items for my 4 kids and they are thrilled with it and it I am happy with the way it looks displayed on our wall.

I love to get on pinterest and see all the fun Advent calendars out there.
Hope you are getting crafty this Holiday season.
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Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

That is really cute! I've never done an advent calendar for my kids - maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun project Tina!! Thanks for sharing this!! HUGS :)