Friday, December 7, 2012

Shabby Tree Skirt

I gotta tell you that this is not MY original idea. I have been seeing these NO SEW
tree skirts all over the blog-o-sphere. I am sharing the way I made my skirt through
my own tutorial. I gotta tell you that this is most definitely PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!
The basic premise is to use some inexpensive fabric something lightweight - I used some MUSLIN - mine was 2.99 a yard plus 40% of course. Now the idea is to cut a circle out of the muslin. I tried folding the 3 yards into a square and attempted to cut out a circle
and this is what I came out with...PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!
Then I cut out LOTS - like 3 yards worth of strips around 3-4 inches wide - just snip the fabric then tear...they will come out more even then if you cut down the strips with scissors.

Then just start to glue down and try to gather as you glue. I laid the glue down then took the fabric in my fingers and crinkled it and laid it on the glue - be careful not to BURN yourself!
This is a long process especially since I made the funky shape and it was way bigger then I expected it to be.
I love the way MY skirt looks - it even kept its original cut shape - weird how that happened.

I wanted to share an up close shot - see you don't have to be PERFECT because it all overlaps so you can cover your mistakes. Remember I told you it took a long time and lots of strips - just be patient. I did it over 2 nights while watching t.v.
The end result is STUNNING. My kids LOVEd it. My husband just asked WHY? Boy, guys are just so dense sometimes - he did add later as it lay under the tree...
"Hey that looks pretty good."
nice save HONEY!

Nice right?
I like that it looks so substantial. and definitely handmade!

Anyway, I say give it a shot and when you are done you will have a lovely YEARLY holiday decoration, perhaps an HEIRLOOM, someday! Common ground blog - is hosting a VINTAGE INSPIRATION holiday decorating ideas party---you should play along.
Wishing you a wonderfully fun holiday decorating season. 
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Basement Stamper said...

Wow, you are all around crafty!! This is awesome! Men-they just don't appreciate the really good things

Donna Ellis said...

Oh MY! It's way beyond "nice" - it is fabulous! What a great idea, and it looks so beautiful - very elegant and rich, and yet happy and festive! I wonder if the same idea wold work as a "christmas tree" draped over a cone form? It's gorgeous, tina!

creativearts said...

Amazing! Unbelievable! Gorgeous and looks very vintage!

Craftberry Bush said...

LOVE that it's no turned out great ! thank you for sharing...xo

michele said...

i love linen! i love ruffles! i can't sew! i will have to try this. thank you so much, it looks like a million bucks.

hope you will find a moment to stop by and enter a giveaway i am hosting for followers (i hope you win!):

happy weekend to you!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh that is just lovely! Well done!

Be merry and bright!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I love the shape! It turned out great :)