Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kickin' it up a Notch

Wow - are we seriously almost going into August? Boy that's what happens when you take a 19 day vacation...right?
We took a ROAD TRIP through 9 states and we stayed in 7 states and shopped all over the country ---
we made a pit stop in Cheyenne Wyoming - to say the least it was a quaint little town and just oozing with country charm
capitol building - the top was shiny GOLD - ohhh pretty

the town was super vintage especially this old theater--love the old time movie clip photos...COOLNESS

and here is their DOWNTOWN...gawww...could you just fall in love

Couldn't you just see yourself riding around town in one of these trolly's instead of the BUS-
UM yeah!!!

then right in the center of town by the train station --- 2 over sized boots - cool and both extremely cool and painted detail was amazing...
Whilst in the sweet town I stopped in a few antique stores and bought a few things for my friends back at home...
I bought some of these sweet little bars of lavender soaps but they were just a bit to plain for me.
So I figured it just needed a bit of a kick - you know something to make it sparkle and look more like a real gift. SO I took some scraps of paper (literally just pieces) and some self adhesive rhinestone-ish pieces...

I wrapped the paper scraps around the soap then used 1 glue dot to attach the edges together.

Oh then the finishing touch is 1 flower and the jewel right in the center.

kicked up a notch and it went over so well. They loved it...
Anyway, it doesn't take much to make the less then perfect or the not quite so expensive gift seem so much BIGGER & BETTER.
Well hope you loved the trip details and even more the crafty bit at the end.
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Happy Thursday!

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tamdoll said...

Sounds like you had fun, thanks for sharing the pictures!

I never thought to jazz up a souvenir gift - your soap wrap idea was really charming. I am officially the worst wrapper in the world, and would probably just hand my friend the soap in the shopping bag it came in.