Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Project Life Link Up

Hello and welcome back...or hello and welcome!!! If you are at all in any kind of blogging forum then you have heard about PROJECT LIFE, right? There use to be a few blogs that offered a link up where you could share your weekly project life pages but those have since disappeared. Perhaps, people were feeling to pressured to perform, or maybe people felt pressure to make their pages look like the "POPULAR KIDS" pages...but lets be real...who has the time, the designer products and the energy to participate in such a competition. Well, Ladies...I am right there with you but I totally LOVE the idea of Project Life and well I decided to forget the concept of the "YEAR" project life.

After all, it's all about interpretation. YOUR interpretation! Follow me here o.k. - A few months ago on HSN they were offering a sale on PROJECT LIFE kits with a automatic refill (every three months) a smaller album with a box of the tags and journal pieces - my first one came and was created by Dear LIZZY - so its the sweetest design and the cutest phrases with a bright pink album

Here it is - cute right? So back to ditching the LARGE year long (week by week) idea of project life...I decided to work on this album and make it for my recent 2 week SUMMER ROAD TRIP ... see more precise - less stress and very do-able!

the front cover comes with this sweet pocket -
perfect for my title
Here is my first page and I did use a few of the DEAR LIZZY journal tags and added some of my own stickers...4 pockets for pictures - easy and much more do-able...

2nd page - the balloon tag is from dear lizzy and the other tags are from OH SNAP which are sold at Michael's and are on CLEARANCE right now!!!

more pictures and extra stickers and my own writing

Some pages I just added some stickers and let photos do all the work. Really there are no rules and afterall a scrapbook is usually focused on the photos...

Here I added a full tag of handwritten comments of our trip - wish maybe I had typed it out but of course - I'm not gonna stress about it. Its done and I am one step closer to finishing...that's goal right peeps?

By the way, I hooked up with the company called GROOVE BOOK - for just 2.99 (shipping included) you can  upload up to 100 photos from your phone and they send it to you in a flip type book and the photos come perforated...for easy removal and use in your album -- those are the photos used on the above page.
You can get a free groove book album no charge just use code CURTIS15 and try it out FREE

Here is the last page I did in this start of my new resolution to keep it simple and work smaller...NO STRESS!!! Not bad for my first leg. I will continue to update my album and share the pages with you all. Hopefully I inspire you to stay on track and go easy go slow and have fun with project life.
I am also hoping this can be a place to share your layouts so I am adding a linky up for all you to post your finished PROJECT LIFE PAGES...
lets do this together!
Link Up

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Basement Stamper said...

Love how that turned out, that's the beauty of Project Life in my opinion-you do it however you want. There are some weeks I take 2 pictures and some I take 25. I do it however I feel like it and if I want to include a traditional scrapbook page, I can do that too.

Perfect album for your vacation!