Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School

Just as quick as SUMMER arrived swoosh SCHOOL is back in session today. I have a brand new first grader and a 6th grader...both very big steps. One is just starting their elementary education and the other is finishing up & preparing for junior high. SCARY....

My little girl is so young (in her heart and brain) and personally I would like to keep it like that but I know this year she will learn some things - some I don't want her to learn and some things SHE shouldn't learn-just yet.

My little guy, we don't call him TORNADO for nothing. I hope he can stay calm and listen while he learns. He is charming and sweet but boy can he talk. I am anxious to see how his first day goes.

Since yesterday was our LAST official day of summer around here I decided to make some BACK-2-SCHOOL cupcakes...but then I got a little creative and used one frosting to create 3 different 
cupcakes...check it out.

Here are the ingredients...chocolate cupcakes (boxed) white icing, red food coloring, pretzels & some green sour patch kids...

ice your cupcakes with the red icing add the STEM (pretzel) then cut the sour patch kids into leaf shapes (triangle) and add to the side of the stem - then leave it as is or perhaps print out a cute little phrase on  your printer and stick it to a toothpick and insert into the cupcakes...

Cute right? then again if you want your cupcake to appear a bit more "HEALTHY" (isn't that an oxy moron statement) - then why not try adding some fruit and because the icing is red - it just looks good when you use some yummy red fruit like RASPBERRY'S

Or why not try a delicious CHERRY...yummers.

I love playing around with different toppings...the possibilities are endless really. I hope you had a special first day planned for your little ones or are prepping for one --- have a crafty week

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Basement Stamper said...

great picture of the kiddos, hope their first day goes well. Can you send me one of those cupcakes? They look delish :-)

tamdoll said...

These look great! I used to love it when my kids were little & I baked all sorts of fun treats for them. Maybe I will have to do it anyway now that they are big.

*Vicki* said...

Such fun photos here!! Where does the time go, right?! Mine are one step away from graduating and the other already in college...enjoy every moment of this!! Thanks for stopping by friend! HUGS :)