Thursday, April 2, 2015


I have 3 little kids at home and I feel like I need to decorate for the holidays, don't get me wrong I do love to do it. I have a collection of Halloween & Christmas decorations that I have been collecting for years but all the other holidays the smaller ones, like Easter & Valentines day (just name a few) are ones I usually buy year after year - new dollar store items that I won't sweat too much if they get broken or thrown away.


Anyway, last February we got new doors and my husband said he didn't want me ruining the doors with nails or sticky stuff to try and hang wreaths on...For around 6 months I didn't put wreaths up but then I rebeled and started creating them again...I have tried several different types so this time 

I went SQUARE 

I got the most inexpensive wreath frames I could 3.99 each at Michael's I had the yarns in my stash. 
I wrapped the green frames with the thick cream yarn and gotta tell you that the corners were the hardest. 

Then I made some leaves out of felt and pom pom flowers for the corners and that was it. I am trying to figure out something to add or to hang down the middle 

Different but cool - I dig the colors I used but still haven't found something for the middle - My husband says it's good the way it is, but what does he know (wink, wink)

Anyway, I think the lesson here is that Normal isn't always the best way, it's good to try new things and being square isn't bad  its pretty cool 

I am planning on linking this up to the parties above.

Happy crafting

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Jenna Hanan said...

Very cute!!!! And it has so many customizable options.