Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lovely lace

All my kids have dream catchers in their room. When they were little it was part of our nighttime ritual - after prayers I would spin it and say "DREAM CATCHER DREAM CATHCHER CATCH ALL THEIR BAD DREAMS" now I don't have to physically spin it; just include it in prayer time! 

I figured perhaps I could create a "grown up version" of the Dream Catcher🔆 

So here's my first try....

You need some lace, ribbons beads and threads in coordinating colors. I have these metal rings that I found in my Hoard- but you could use embroidery hoops 2 for one - 😊 cool! 

Step one: wrap the ring with some lace ribbon then hot glue it down (just the end pieces...then glue small dots of the lace or doily around the ring finally add your ribbon dangles with beads - use coordinating ribbon colors and threads to finish it off! 

I think this would look amazing in different colors. Make it match your room decor! 

The possibilities are endless! 

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