Monday, September 5, 2016

New Creation

A few weeks ago I was busy die cutting felt shapes and I made some fun little felt banners which I will share later...but I came up with a NEW CREATION that I needed desprately....A book mark (haha) but really a cool looking bookmark...

the premise behind the well needed bookmark - is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE magazines and I buy alot and well I usually only find time to read them in the bathroom (I know TMI) but I never seem to have a bookmark and I hate to fold the corners and sometimes I end up using a piece of toilet paper (weird I know) so this cool bookmark came into my mind and I set out to make it.

I used some elastic 

sewed up the meeting points - I cut the elastic a bit smaller then the full length of the magazine. So basically I pulled it and made sure it was tight then cut it - you want it tight so it doens't just fall off. while its holding your place.

then just took my die cut felt flower stack and sewed it on to the meeting point of the elastic to cover the thread up.

and here she is all finished - isnt shee pretty and the cool thing about them is that I can keep them in the bathroom with my other head bands and keep a few on my bedside table and one in my car - they are small enough to keep in my bag to - anyway - I think its pretty clever...Plan on making more and adding them to my shop - 

Happy Monday and happy crafting.


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