Monday, February 4, 2013

needle & thread

I consider myself a VERY crafty person. But like every good super crafty hero I do have a nemesis and that is: needle & thread crafting. You know sewing, pattern reading, crochet, knitting and embroidery. I try and for the most part I can make "something" but it doesn't resemble the piece I was TRYING to make. I can sew straight lines on a sewing machine but my goal is to make a top or t-shirt for myself. But for now I will stick with my pillows and aprons...another thing on my to do list is to make a SAMPLER - which consists of fun embroidered art patches...but in the mean time here are some of the things I have been playing with
I know this is WAY TO SIMPLE but yet it is still not perfect.

I even made an ANTI-VALENTINE heart - would you dare wear that out in public? I don't think I could...besides for me LOVE absolutely doesn't suck - I love being in LOVE!!!

Since it is so easy I thought I would share the tutorial for it of
 which is super self-explanatory...
cut out 2 heart shapes out of felt
on the top heart "embroider" with needle & thread a letter or a saying and just do the basic back stitch
 (see how on you tube)
when you are done with the top -  blanket stitch the edges - leaving a small opening to stuff with poly-fil. then close up
add a pin back or barrette clip to put on and wear.
super simple and these would make a fun gift to give to your pals --- just attach them to a fun embellished tag and you got a cool handmade gift.
So many fun blogs sharing lots of cool Valentines Day crafts: sharing my hearts with the following parties:
have "LOVE-LY" week
xo, tina

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Basement Stamper said...

very cool little stitched hearts, love it! I haven't ventured into any kind of sewing other than on my cards, so you go girl!!