Monday, February 25, 2013

No Sew Lampshade

Well hello, again...I am back from a small blog break and have tons to share. First is this fun and way easy, although time consuming - BURLAP lampshade...

I while ago on my ventures of thrifting I found this most amazing metal based lamp shade...for $5.00 --- ridiculous!

Nice right?

I took some burlap and cut strips larger than the individual sides of the shade and began to add glue to the metal itself and stretched the burlap to fit tightly around and wrapped it...I did that all the way down the metal frame.

I did every other panel this way and when I got done I had to figure out a way to finish the other panels since I didn't have a space to wrap them around any more. I decided to wrap the top the edge and then folded down the raw edges of the burlap and glued it right down on the (non-showing) metal seen above

then I had the bottom of the frame left and not much burlap left so I decided to wrap the bits left showing with the remaining burlap - glued and wrapped as I seen above
Here she is in all her lovely burlap glory....I am in LOVE!

An up-close shot of the wrapped edges

and to finish her up I made some small and very minimal rosettes to add to the corners and hide some funkiness
anyway, it was my first attempt at covering a lampshade and I fell in LOVE with the process - I think I may add some French text to one of the sides - we'll see.
Got lots more to share to please come back soon...Have a wonderful & crafty week...
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Carolyn said...

that is a great idea!


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Melissa Whitcher said...

What a creative lampshade! I love the rosettes too! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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