Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Craft show set up or home decor - your choice

This past weekend we participated in our annual craft show, it's a really big show and for years I have been trying to get my displays for my booth just right - well this year I had a vision ( da-da-da) and had been saving these 4 frames for another project and once I sprayed them with some fantastic colors it hit me. 

A jewelry display for my booth that way all the pieces could be seen and not look to cluttered. As I was playing with these frames and setting it up for my husband to screw them together - I thought - Wouldn't this look cool in a bedroom or living room as a large wall piece maybe to add smaller art work inside or perhaps kids artwork...I mean really - what a statement this would make on a wall!


Anyway he show was a success and we did really well. Here are some really bad photos of my layout - again a bunch if stuff had been purchased so I was trying really hard "spread" things around. 

The sun was so bright behind us and so hence the dArkness.  

Here is another piece I redid for my booth set up - it's a baby changing table that my husband made slat for to act as the shelves... Then I added a ruffle to he bottom to hide stuff under there. 

Anyway, I came home with a lot less stuff. Yeah and thanks again to my wonderful customers...love you guys!

I am linking this up to the parties above. Happy crafting!

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Ritchil Shafer said...

I love the frames with the jewelry display! Thanks for the idea.