Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quick &!easy co-workers gift ideas

With the holidays fast approaching I know people are in need of some quick & not so expensive gift ideas for friends at work & perhaps your extended family members who you only see at Christmas. Well here are a few to get you started. If you are paper crafter the. You probably have lots if the materials needed for these projects in your craft room.

This is one if the oldest tricks in paper crafting & that is merely covering up something drab and making it super cool...usually done with papers & stamps. 

Here's how we get started: you'll need some paper scraps, some adhesive and some blank books spiral bound or

And just get to work covering them by cutting the paper to fit the front of the tablets and adding some fun little clusters of embellishments - you could make them cute, sweet or keep them simple. 

How cute would these look on your co-workers desk?

How about adding a matching pen...

The one above is just a pocket sized paper pad....purse size = fun size! 

This one is the one above the large white booklet that holds white paper the cover is hard covered just like a book.  Even added some fun little embellishments to some of the pages inside - these would be fun for a road trip so your kids could draw some pictures or play tic tac toe....

But you see what I mean by easy inexpensive gift ideas - cheap enough to make a bunch but decorated just right to make them look like something you put a lot if time into! Ain't that was the holiday season is about?

Happy crafting - I'm linking this up to parties above.


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