Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recycled Chalkboards

I love to give old things a new life. I usually make-over furniture, large hutches, tables & chairs and the like. But recently I took a trip to the local Habititat for Humanity and if you have never been there  you really should search one out. They carry a bunch of old pieces of stuff, nails, screws, tile and furniture that goes for real cheap. I could spend hours in there scoping out junk to bring home and re-do.

Back tracking - in recent months I have seen the chalkboard really boom in the decorating scene. From the small chalk board stickers to the large kitchen walls being re-done and so on. I have made them from just about anything I could find well I found these really cheap old kitchen cabinet drawers at Habitat for Humanity and thought these would work well for my version of the chalkboard...

I started with these 

Just your typical small kitchen cabinet drawers  

first I sanded them with a hand sander 

Then I spray spainted them with my favorite colors...and used some chalk board paint - I gave it 2 coats - make sure it dries between coats because if you rush thru it then you will life up the paint you previously put me I learned this the hard way!

Once it was completely dry - I conditioned the board by rubbing chalk all over the board and then erased it. and then did it again.

See how smooth the chalk glides onto the board - best part is you can use a wet paper towel and wipe it down if you are not a fan of the chalk residue and WAIT for it to dry then use as usual.

sweet and functional - love that. I am definitely making another trip to the Habitat for Humanity store.

Hope all your to-do projects are coming along. Happy HUmp day!

I am lnking this up the parties above.


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