Monday, October 13, 2014

String art

To be truthful - I thought this was going to be a no brainer. Something I could do while watching t.v. Boy was I wrong. The premise is simple the idea looks easy but when you are working on such a small space with nails so close together keeping the strings close to the base of the nails is necessary to keep the alignment looking right all the way around the piece. Well, I tried it twice and it can be even better so I will go again for my 3rd are my first attempts - skull head ( the nose is a bit wonky) 

Then I tried a ghost - a bit better but still need to capture the face a bit better

I think I need a larger working area---or a bigger face 😃

Here they are right next to each other. I like them but I need to try it again. To get the face 
Poking just right. Hope you give this a try and good luck with your Halloween decorating! I am linking this up to the parties above. 

Have a crafty week!

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