Thursday, February 6, 2014

day 36 - Button LOVE

I am sure we all have a fondness for buttons. In my opinion, the vintage ones are best. I have so many and most are just in jars, not being used but I have this weird habit where I want to make something with them but HATE to use them so most of the time I walk on by and just watch them look pretty in their jar.
This time I decided to use them by making something I had already made before in a different color scheme .
I used a vintage embroidery hoop attached some pink burlap then added some white vintage buttons in the shape of a heart.

Sweet right? These are fun to hang in a group setting in your studio or in a vignette for Valentines Day.

I made one in regular burlap and red buttons too - cute and all in a group - I think would make a beautiful addition to my Valentine Décor.
Hope your staying crafty!
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