Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals-day 35

Just wanted to share my goals for this month.

When I say finish January Project Life - I basically want to stay on target. You know not be working on February in October...
Ideally I'd like to lose more than 5 pounds but I figure if I start small & lose more then I'll be stoked but if I start low and only lose 3 or 4 pounds then I wont have missed my target by too much.
Hair Appt - scheduled for Feb 28th -
I have always wanted to learn to really sew and a quilt seems basic until the binding - so I think I want to start one but keeping it open to perhaps taking a sewing class and learn to sew my own clothes...either or
I am planning on finding the absolute most awesome vacation yet. I wanna do Hawaii but not sure or maybe another beachy destination. I'll let you know how that goes.
Keeping up with my business is my number 1 priority so I am hoping to list more than once a week but AT LEAST once a week.
O.k. simple goals and totally do-able.
Hope you have a great month.

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