Sunday, February 9, 2014

day 38 - Felt Heart

I was very into making my Valentine Mantel this year - mainly I didn't want to buy too many silly little bits at the craft store - I wanted to try and use what I had. (My goal for the year is to use what I have and spend less.) So I brought out my felt and just kept it simple.
I cut out a heart shape from the felt then took 1 of the hearts under the sewing machine and just free hand sewed the words "I LOVE YOU" I like the look of the sewing script.

After wards I turned the hearts inside out and closed up the heart leaving the opening up at the top. Stuft the heart with poly-fil and then whip stitch the opening closed.

Added a ribbon hanger and some pretty seam binding and a leaf & berries to the top///

Cute right and the best part is that I can keep it up all year long!
I am linking this up to the parties above.
Here's to LOVE and hope your heart is full!!!

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