Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CHeap to snazzy

o.k so I know most of crafters are also treasure hunters or thrift-y junkers...I love LOVE going to thrift stores. I love buying the really old stuff and re-purposing it...take for instance these cool silver trays.
You can find these silver trays from really small or really big - and some come very plain or very ornate.

I found a few that are approx. 4-6 inches in circumference and decided to make them trendy and functional.
The first one I made into a chalk board...just used some of that paint in a bottle chalk board paint - you can buy them in all kinds of colors now a days.

my hubbs drilled 2 holes at the top so I can add some ribbon to it and make it functional.

the next two I made using my cricut - I used the vinyl and made up some custom phrases...
and again added the 2 holes so I can hang them

On the bottom of these 2 trays I added some crystals from some old chandeliers

and tah-dah*** something that cost me 70 cents I turned into some custom art...

I love those types of "FOUND TREASURES"

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have a crafty day!


Jeanna said...

Very pretty!


Theresa said...

I just passed up some trays at a flee market! Now I wished I had seen this first. Pretty. I am visiting from the hop & now a follower hope you can drop by sometime. I am @

Diane said...

Cute idea! I never would have thought of it and now that you have opened that door I can think of a lot of ways to use that! thanks for the inspiration