Monday, August 27, 2012

playing with GLUE

I know we all have our favorite ADHESIVE/GLUE...actually I think we
have a selection of several different glues for different types of projects,right?

well my all time favorite - go to - the all purpose GLUE of all glues is
E6000---it is super strong and works on just about any surface...

take for instance these bits of glass that I found at my local thrift store...

just ordinary stemware & a bowl...
grab a few other doo-dads and get to work...
{see that tube -another adhesive}

Add some decoupage medium to the bottom of the bowl then add ...

add a doily or anythign you want to the bottom...I thought this would make the
inside look vintage ---what a treat when reaching in and how cool that by adding
it to the bottomof the bowl you never have to worry about finger prints or the doily

then grab the trusty E-6000 and add it to the bottom of the wine glass

then add to the bowl and there you go a fancy recycled set of stemware
turned into a nifty candy dish or soap dish or use it in your office or studio to hold paper clips 

I know crazy cool right????

I am planning on filling mine up with small skeleton heads for HALLOWEEN & maybe some
ornaments for the Christmas season-neat idea, wouldn't you agree?

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have a crafty week


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