Friday, August 24, 2012

seeing orange

I have orange, brown - any fall colors - swirling in my mind. I am so OVER
this summer - I am anxiously awaiting waking up to cold mornings,
drinking hot coffee, sitting by the fire, wearing socks...basically
I long to get cozy!!! I keep telling myself by crafting with FALL in mind
I may be channelling my energy to the weather GODS and bring upon
{it could work, right?}

anyway, I have pumpkins all over the house right now and had a light bulb moment!!!

why not share my ideas with you all and if I can figure this LINKY thing
maybe we can have a party and share ideas with lots of folks...

so here's what I am callin' it...

here is a photographic edit that I made to make my first set of PUMPKINS
look rustic and aged and I gotta tell you that I am lovin' this look however, in real life they
don't currently look like that but shoot---I may be able to make them a bit more
tattered & rustic --- good jumping off point...

so here is what MY first set of PUMPKINS looked like -
this is just a random self drawn pattern...I like the odd shape,
looks more rustic {ok note to self stop saying RUSTIC}

I sewed the pumpkin up with the seam on the outside, then I added a
found stick for the stem but you could use anything you wanted for the stem.
then I added some jute around the neck to cover up my thread and included
a hand cut burlap leaf---just to give it a fresh picked look :

then I just painted the PUMPKIN up....using orange first and then
white to add some shading...
here they are in TECHNICOLOR

and of course to make it extra special I added a fun tag to make it MY own...

I gotta tell you I love it...

Well I hope you like it and hope you back link me so I can come by and see your cool PUMPKIN 

I am linking this up to the following parties:

happy crafting


tamdoll said...

I am thinking that if I need a craft focus it should be Fall! I love pumpkins and your project looks great. I love to paint fabric, the texture is so nice. One year I grew mini pumpkins just to decorate with and in our town we have giant pumpkin contests - they're everywhere!

Happycrafter Shell said...

you are so clever!! I just love these xx