Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Life - month at a time

o.k. so I have to share something with you - it may sound sad or just make me
look like a fool but here goes....I am the mom that anxiously awaited the time
all my kids would be in school and I could go back to work...sad I know.
I heard it all - that I will miss them once they grew up and that I should
treasure it all and enjoy them while they are young...don't get me wrong
I love my kidlets to DEATH....truly. I do ALOT of stuff with them DAILY
but I still wanted to go back to work....

fast forward to  today---Tuesday august 28th - 2012
My youngest son started kindergarten aug 6th and I have a 5th grader, &
a 7th grader and well can I just say that life is crazier then before.

I mean I am literally driving them to and from school all day long...
with maybe an hour between each pick up - it's pretty crazy!

with that said looks like NO job for me...sort of sad but also its my reality...
I am o.k. with that and am embracing my new role as TAXI DRIVER....

yeah yeah, what the heck does that have to do with PROJECT LIFE?
nothing really other than I am totally happy that I am keeping up with it
(sort of) documenting our everyday --- This months layouts include
the end of JULY through AUGUST - see there life is too crazy.

alot has gone on since July-the kids were in a wedding - I took the kids to
Bonelli Lake and played dress up with the little dude

in August I celebrated my 42nd birthday - had my first mammogram and had a BBQ at
my friends house...

back tracking a bit in July we also added another puppy to the mix...
enjoyed late night smores with the kids

me and the hubbs went on a work trip to Santa Barbara and I kept
momentos from each place we ate & stayed at...and there on the left
are my 2 kidlets walking into their first day of school...pure sweetness...

See, I guess if I had a job there would be really NO time for much else especially

o.k. so no more complaining I am sure of it...
well at least not out loud.

Hope your project life is running smoothly.

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Stephanie said...

Great pages! I love how you included mementos from the restaurants!

tamdoll said...

Wonderful moments to journal! I wish I had kept more photos and memorabilia over the years.

There have been days where I feel like all I've done is drive my kids to and from places, deliver forgotten items to school, drive to after school activities, etc... thank goodness for xmradio!